“The French School of Cape Town aims to provide each student with a comprehensive and solid education delivered within a safe and multicultural environment. The whole team gives their all to encourage students so that they become respectful and independent young adults who strive to realise their full potential.”

A note from the Principal, Philippe Algranti

The end of the school year comes to a close to the sound of raucous applause for our pre-primary pupils who gave a wonderfully spontaneous performance, as has become customary, during the end of year show at the weekend.
The results of our school’s baccalaureate and brevet examinations, which our students completed at the beginning of June, are now in.  It’s a fantastic success to end the year on a high note!
But before the long holiday break which will allow everyone to recharge batteries after a busy school year, I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all: students, staff, school management committee members and parents of the school who, through their commitment and support have allowed our school to operate in the best conditions possible.
Bonnes vacances à tous!
Philippe Algranti